Wine Revelations

Small and newly established wineries from all over Greece, wines from lesser-known varietals and other «top obscure» wines
Οινικές αποκαλύψεις
“Fair-within-a-fair” hosting “top obscure” Greek wines for buyers...

"Wine Revelations" is a “fair-within-a-fair”, hosting “top obscure” Greek wines for buyers on the look-out for emerging wines and wineries. Situated in a dedicated hall of Zappeion Megaron, Wine Revelations consists of two parts:

  • Thirty-six stands of new or boutique wineries whose production is a few thousand bottles a year (maximum allowed: 30,000 bottles).
  • A "Wine Bar" with more than 65 wines that are either made of varietals not widely known or belong to the broader "minimum intervention wines" movement. Wines are served and explained by a team of passionate young sommeliers and oenologists.