The largest exhibition of Greek wines in the world

Welcome to Oenorama, the largest and most important Greek wine exhibition in the world. This year we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary and we are still feeling young and energetic, just like Greek wine! Oenorama has been showcasing Greek wines since 1994 and has been the privileged companion of the so-called “Greek Wine Renaissance”. 

Past visitors may remember Oenorama as a traditional wine trade exhibition held in various venues outside Athens. At the time a significant part of the show was the section with machinery and supplies, taking up almost half the exhibition area. In 2013, however, the organizers decided to merge Oenorama with their other show “Dionysia, The Athens Wine Festival” (a consumer wine tasting event) and hold the “new” Oenorama every year in Athens, in the city center, at the Zappeion exhibition hall.

So Oenorama is now centrally located in the prettiest part of Athens, a few minutes walk from the Greek parliament and Constitution square. The show’s venue is one of Greece’s best-known buildings, the “Zappeion Megaron”, a place steeped in history, where among other important events Greece signed its accession to the European Common Market in 1981. 

With its beautiful high-ceilinged halls, natural lighting and atrium, Zappeion (pronounced “Zàppio”) is the perfect place to taste wine, meet wine professionals and enjoy the best Athens has to offer.

In recent years Oenorama has added a section called “Wine Revelations”, where wineries whose total production does not exceed 30.000 bottles are invited to exhibit. Participation in this hall for wineries is limited to three times, so that new wineries can also have an opportunity to participate, since the total number of stands is only 34.

This year, more than a third of the “Wine Revelations” hall wineries are new to Oenorama. In the same hall one can find the “Wine Revelations Wine Bar” with more than 60 wines that are either “natural” or from rare indigenous Greek varietals, all served and explained by a team of sommeliers.

On the other hand, the "Oenorama Tasting Gallery" (first introduced to the Greek wine market by Oenorama in 2004), is celebrating its 20 years in 2024. This show-within-a-show will be focusing on newly released wines. Meanwhile, "Oenotechnica" is a section showcasing developments in the field of vine and wine technology equipment and related supplies.



This year, Oenorama is once again hosting selected companies showcasing oenological equipment and supplies. These companies, with their longstanding presence, have consistently supported Greek wine. Traditionally known as "Oenotechnica", this presence enriches Oenorama, providing professionals in the industry with the opportunity to establish meaningful connections with winemaking exhibitors. Moreover, it allows them to engage with the thousands of exhibition visitors, presenting cutting-edge products, particularly in the fields of winemaking and packaging of wines and spirits.

Tasting Gallery

Tasting Gallery

The Oenorama «Tasting Gallery©», was inaugurated at the 2004 Oenorama and has been a huge success ever since. About 250 wines are curated by a team of sommeliers who are there to ensure everything is always in order in this classic trade-only, self-pour, walk-around area of the show. This year, the Tasting Gallery’s theme is “New Releases”, i.e. wines launched from January 2021 onwards.
Wine Revelations Hall and Oenorama Wine Bar

Wine Revelations Hall and Oenorama Wine Bar

A hall with 36 stands featuring wineries making their first market appearance, lesser-known or small wineries and lesser-known to rare wines. This is a popular venue with professional buyers seeking Greek "top obscure" wines and with consumers on the look-out for the rare bargain. At the "Wine Bar" at the back of the hall, a team of sommeliers serve about 60 wines from the following categories: natural wines, minimal intervention wines, wines with indigenous yeasts or unique winemaking techniques, and wines from rare indigenous grape varietals, some of which are from wineries that are not Oenorama exhibitors.