Floor Plan

The exhibition on Paper

Zappeion Megaron is a symmetrical building, with two wings that are a mirror image of each other. Oenorama takes advantage of this architecture to give all exhibitor stands equal display value. For the needs of the exhibition, the building is conceptually split into two, with the right wing laid with a blue carpet and the left wing laid with a red carpet. The numbering of the stands is the same in both wings. In order to find an exhibitor, it is necessary to know both his number and his wing (red or blue). The exception to this rule are the stands in the Wine Revelations Hall (situated in the blue wing), where stands have their own separate numbering (from 1 to 34). In order to help visitors spread evenly in the exhibition area, the entrances to the two wings are opened alternatively during the first hours of the show.

The Exhibition – Floor Plan


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Wine Revelations
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